Welcome to Belo Horizonte. WELCOME TO VILA DA SERRA.


High-tech equipment of cutting edge technology, modern infrastructure and a team of highly qualified professionals is what makes the Hospital Vila da Serra nowadays as an international benchmark in assisting women, children and the entire family. The humane treatment and service excellence are, without a doubt, our differentials. Vila da Serra, the Hospital your Family deserves.

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Why Belo Horizonte

Belo Horizonte is known for a center of medical excellence. Besides, it has quality of life as one of its main attributes. The architecture, the delicious gastronomy, the richness of its culture, the numerous open spaces and options for leisure. It is a beautiful and hospitable city. There is a hidden chemistry that unites and joins people together. ´´Beautiful Horizon´´ as it is affectionately called will last forever in your memories and will certainly win your heart.

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Medical Services

Hospital Vila da Serra offers the most wanted high complexity medical procedures for you and your family. The specialties are among the best known performed in modern medicine. Our Medical Staff are mostly nationwide acclaimed professionals with extensive educational background and a vast experience on their field of practice.

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The International Accreditation granted by the CCHSA (Canadian Council on Health Services Accreditation) crowns our continuous efforts to increase patient safety effectively.

International Quality

Vila da Serra was the first hospital in our state to receive the Canadian International Accreditation (CCHS) in 2011 and was previously accredited by the Brazilian accreditation system in its major degree. Many of our clinical staffs are faculty members and have accomplished their formations and specializations in important North American and Europeans centers.

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